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A DATA FOCUSED Hotel Digital marketinG AGENCY

Hotel Resort at Sunrise
Edge of Infinity Pool


Modern hospitality brands who tailor their online presence to reach guests and increase visibility see a measurable lift in conversion rates and boost in revenue. Hotel marketing efforts designed around understanding target market and target audience are the most effective way to stand out in a crowded industry. At Hospitality Design + Marketing, we have perfected the balance between creative storytelling, strategic targeting, and bespoke solutions resulting in award-winning results for our hotel clients.


Hospitality Design + Marketing has over 15 years of working with hotels and resorts to drive direct bookings through digital services - simply put, we've grown up with digital marketing and we understand it the same way you understand your guests.   

Holiday Resort


Every property is unique and every market is different. Hospitality Design + Marketing will work as your partner, designing an immersive, compelling, enjoyable digital experience that turns more prospects into guests – and more guests into loyal guests.

Search Engine Optimization

International Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Paid Advertising

CMS + Email Marketing

Public Relations

Social Media Marketing


Website Design


Who: Wintergreen Resort

What: The resort wanted to raise awareness in the winter sports community and increase bookings during the holidays.

How: A digital and print campaign with targeted creative designed to engage sports enthusiasts

Results: A 376% increase in traffic to the website along with a 88% uplift in revenue

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